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Each month, a community of Bible readers across the world will be diving into the same reading plan, which means you can study the same books and fascinating themes together. These Bible study plans are also being used by the Year of the Bible, a global community that's delving deeper into Scripture in 2020. You can access these plans and other helpful resources for free on the YouVersion app.

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We’ve broken this Bible study into twelve plans, making it easy to experience the story of the Bible in an accessible way. Choose a plan below to get started.
1. Getting Started with the Bible To get started with reading the Bible, you'll read samples of various kinds of literature from both the Old and New Testaments. From the Old Testament, you'll read two short Hebrew narratives, Ruth and Jonah. From the New Testament, you'll read three short letters: Philemon, 1 John, and 1 Peter. This ten-day plan will help you grasp how the Bible communicates and how to understand it.
2. The Great Escape The story of Israel's rescue from Egyptian slavery becomes one of the defining stories for the people of God. In this fourteen-day plan, you'll read how God rescues his people from oppression then seeks to restore his presence among them through a covenant relationship and the tabernacle.
3. God's Eternal Love The Gospel of John is an eye-witness account of who Jesus is by one of his closest friends. In this 9-day plan, you'll read the story of how Jesus reveals himself to be the incarnation of the God of Israel. He is both Messiah and Son of God who gives eternal life to all who believe in him.
4. Jesus & the New Humanity Paul's letter to the Romans is one of the most significant letters ever written. In this seven-day plan, you'll learn how Jesus created a new covenant family through his death, resurrection, and the sending of the Spirit.
5. The Good Life In this fourteen-day plan, you'll gain two complementary perspectives on how to experience the good life. Proverbs invites readers to fear God and follow wisdom. Ecclesiastes challenges the reader to think more deeply about God's goodness in light of death and the unpredictable nature of life.
6. God Delivers His People The book of Joshua tells the story of God's faithfulness to deliver his people and bring them into the land he promised to Abraham. Take seven days to meditate on God's faithfulness to his people and to learn about the importance of covenant partnership.
7. Living in Exile The books of Daniel and Esther present two complementary perspectives on what it means to live faithfully while in Exile. Both figures confront their foreign rulers, but in very different ways. In this seven-day plan, you'll read how God rescues his people and brings hope in some of their darkest moments.
8. Crash Course in the Apostle Paul In this ten-day plan, you'll read four short epistles by the apostle Paul. In Galatians, Paul tackles whether Gentiles need to observe the Torah. In Ephesians, he shows how the gospel brings reconciliation between God and one another. In Philippians, he encourages people with the example of Jesus' self-giving love. And in Thessalonians, Paul encourages persecuted Christians with hope in King Jesus.
9. Jesus & the Jesus Movement In this twenty-three-day plan, you'll dive into the life of Jesus and his followers by reading Luke and Acts. The Gospel of Luke is an eye-witness account from one of Jesus' closest followers about his life, death, and resurrection. Acts is the sequel to the book of Luke and continues the story of Jesus' impact in the world through his Spirit-empowered followers.
10. God Addresses His People The twelve minor prophets exist on the same scroll and are woven together in various ways. Hosea, Joel, and Amos are the first of these twelve prophets. Dive into this seven-day reading plan to get a feel for how God admonishes his people to return to him.
11. New Covenant, New Wisdom In this seven-day plan, you'll encounter the themes of the new covenant and new wisdom for followers of Jesus. Hebrews compares and contrasts Jesus to key Old Testament figures, showing how he is superior and the ultimate revelation of God's love and mercy. The book of James is one of a kind in the New Testament, sharing wisdom sayings with followers of Jesus, much like the book of Proverbs.
12. The Crucified King The Gospel of Mark is an eye-witness account from one of the closest followers of Jesus. In this nine-day plan, you'll see how Mark has carefully crafted his story to show that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah who brings God's Kingdom.

Bible study made simple

We've divided the story of the Bible into twelve plans. They're easy to follow and accompanied by questions and resources that help you better understand the context behind what you're reading. Bring the story of the Bible into focus as you connect common themes and core truths throughout all of Scripture.

It's not a 365-day Bible reading plan

It's easy to get discouraged with a daily Bible reading plan. Life happens, and you may not get a chance to read your Bible for a few days. These plans make it easy to jump back in and continue learning at your pace. 

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